Sunday, January 30, 2011

WWI Cryptid Sightings

Captain Georg Von Forstner, Captain of the German submarine, U28 in World War I:

On July 30 1915, our U28  torpedoed  the  British  steamer  Iberian,  carrying  a  rich   cargo   in   the North  Atlantic.  The   steamer   sank   quickly,  the bow sticking almost  vertically  in  the   air.  When it had gone for  about  twenty-five  seconds,  there was a  violent  explosion. A little  later,  pieces  of the  wreckage,  and  among  them  a  gigantic  sea animal, withering and struggling wildly, was  shot out of the water to a height of 60  to 100  feet…  It was about 60 feet long,  was  like  a  crocodile  in shape, and had four limbs with  powerful  webbed feet, and a long tail tapering to a point.”


At 10:00 P.M., July 28, 1918, Commander Werner Lowisch of the submarine U-109 reported that he and another crew member saw a giant, crocodile-like monster that was near one-hundred feet in length.


Also, the British Navy recorded dozens of submarine periscope sightings, where there were no submarines.

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