Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dragon Reports

Keep in mind that these dragons, while they could be what you see in movies, could also be dinosaurs.  For, the word "dinosaur" was invented by Sir Richard Owen in 1841.  Before that time they were known as dragons.

The following article, from 1405, was discovered in a chronicle from England:

                                                  Close to the town of Bures, near

                                                  Sudbury, there  has lately appear-

                                                 ed, to the great hurt of the country-

                                                side, a dragon, vast in body, with

                                                 a crested head, teeth like a saw

                                                and a tail extend- ing an enormous



An official government report from London, England, written in 1793 says the following:


       “In the end of November and the beginning of

      December last, many  of  the  country  people

      observed…dragons…appearing in  the  north

     and  flying  rapidly towards   the   east;  from

     which they concluded,  and their  conjectures

    were  right,  that   boisterous  weather would



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