Monday, August 8, 2011

New Bigfoot Blog!

Hello to all! Recently I have started a new blog about Bigfoot.  In this blog I will try to bring to your's, and the public's attention some very interesting Bigfoot sightings!

I will give you different names for Bigfoot, I'll show you some very old but highly interesting Bigfoot reports, and I will even show you some reports of a Bigfoot being captured!

So, come and visit my new Bigfoot blog, Bigfoot Reporter, at:

I hope you enjoy this new blog of mine, and, don't worry, I'll still post on this blog, for sure!


Friday, August 5, 2011

New Ogopogo Sighting - 2011

Here is the Ogopogo sighting made by Bill Gibbons, Dave Woetzel and their families on Saturday, July 2, 2011:
Bill Gibbons (male adult
Terri Gibbons (female adult)
Andrew Gibbons (17)
Dave Woetzel (male adult)
Gloria Woetzel (female adult)
Jonathan Woetzel (14)
Heidi Woetzel (11)
Date of sighting: Saturday, July 2nd @ approx. 20.00hrs
Weather: clear, sunny, flat calm lake conditions at encounter location
Depth at location: 140 feet
Length of encounter: 10-12 seconds
Observation: three-four humps and a brief head observation
Colour: Dark green, and possibly a spinal ridge that briefly broke above the waves.
Disturbance: Waves approximately 1.5 feet in height
Length: visible part of body & waves 10-12 feet.
Equipment used: Bushnell Trophy 8×42 Waterproof/fogproof Binoculars; Sony Super 8 Digital camcorder
We met on the afternoon of Saturday, July 2nd at the Okanagan Lake Resort, 2751 Westside Road, Kelowna, where both our families were staying for the weekend. After dinner, we decided to rent an 11-seat powered boat to explore the lake, but only had an hour left before the boat had to be returned to the resort boat rental. Dave wanted to visit an Ogopogo ‘hotspot,’ which I believe was just south of  Beach Bay on the NE side of the lake. It took about 30 minutes to arrive at location from the resort. The conditions were sunny with good visibility, and the water was flat calm at the location.
Dave was piloting the boat while myself, my son Andrew and Jonathan Woetzel were at the bow.  We arrived at the target area at 8.00pm and powered down the engines, beginning a slow cruise in the area. At first we noticed small fry beginning to boil at the surface, followed by a large disturbance about 30-40ft directly ahead of us. There were no boats in the vicinity and no waves on the surface or a wake of any kind that may have confused the issue.
The waves that appeared seemed to  be generated by something directly under the surface.  The waves themselves were standing about 1.5 feet out of the water, followed by a sudden appearance of about three humps (possibly four) and a snake-like head that broke the surface only for two or three seconds.
I was able to zero in on the disturbance using a pair of  Bushnell Trophy 8×42 Waterproof/fogproof Binoculars, while Dave Woetzel filmed the object with a high definition Sony Super 8 camcorder. The object was a dark green colour with (possibly) a small dermal ridge running the length of the visible humps. My impression was that we were observing an animate object at least 12 (visible) feet or more in length.  Then object moved at about 3mph directly across our bow, moving from west to east, diving under the water after about 10-12 seconds, leaving the waves in its wake to dissipate. We slowly trawled the area in a circular motion hoping to make a second observation, but the animal did not reappear.

I'm happy to hear of an Ogopogo sighting occurring this year, 2011!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Nessie's back!

Hello to all!

I'm sorry that have not been blogging as often as I would like.

Below is what seems to be a sighting of Nessie, The Loch Ness Monster.  I believe that this sighting occurred this year, 2011.

Loch Ness Monster sighting reported by locals:
FOYERS shop and cafe owner Jan Hargreaves and her husband Simon believe they caught a glimpse of Loch Ness’s most elusive resident — Nessie.
It was while taking a break on the store’s front decking — looking out to the loch — when Mrs Hargreaves and kitchen worker Graham Baine spotted an unusual figure cutting a strange shape through the water.
“We were standing looking out and saw something that looked bizarre,” said Mrs Hargreaves.
“I said to my husband to come and have a look.
“We stand here all the time and look out and we see boats and kayaks but it didn’t look like anything we have seen here before.”
Despite the unidentified creature being quite a distance from their vantage point, 51-year-old Mrs Hargreaves said it had a long neck which was too long to be that of a seal and it was black in appearance.
“It went under the water and disappeared for probably 30 to 40 seconds and then came back up again,” said Mrs Hargreaves.
“It was around for a good four to five minutes. It was just so strange.”
Keen to stress she is not seeking publicity, Mrs Hargreaves does firmly believe what she saw was the Loch Ness Monster.
“It was so exciting,” she declared.
Since August last year, The Waterfall Cafe and Foyers Stores with post office, opposite the village’s famous Falls of Foyers, has been run by Mr and Mrs Hargreaves.
Nessie hunter Steve Feltham, who lives in a former mobile library turned research centre on Dores beach, said he heard about the possible sighting when he popped into the store last week and believes because it was from residents rather than tourists, it is more credible.
“I’m excited by the fact it was locals who had seen it,” said Mr Feltham.
“It’s quite a distance from the shop to the water and they watch everything that goes on there.
“For them to be impressed then there is a possibility it could have been Nessie.”
What particularly excited Mr Feltham was that it was from the exact same vantage point where Tim Dinsdale shot the best footage of the legendary creature back in 1960.
“I’ll put the sightings with the other sightings,” said Mr Feltham. “I will also continue to carry out surface observations.”
The sighting was recorded on Wednesday afternoon between 2:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.
Source: Inverness Courier

Friday, June 3, 2011

Lake Khaiyr Monster Sighting

To all my followers:

I am very sorry that I have not written much over the last few months.  Life has gotten very busy.  Thank you for your patience with me.  

I would now like to share with you a very interesting story:

In 1964, an expedition led by G. Rukosuyer arrived at the lake, searching for the alleged monster.  A biologist and staff member of the Yakut Branch of the Academy of Sciences, N. Gladkika, went to lake to get to water, when he saw a strange creature on shore.  It had a small head, long neck, black skin, and a fin on it’s back.  It appears in his sketch that the monster had large flippers.  Later the expedition leader and several others saw the animal in the center of the lake.  It was slapping the water with it’s long tail.  A geologist, named Rukosuyer, wrote, “You can imagine our astonishment when we saw with our own eyes that the stories were true.”


I find it truly amazing that there are so many undiscovered creatures in this world which God has so wonderfully created!  What other creatures are out there which we have never heard of!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pterosaur in Pennsylvania

A sighting of a pterosaur in Pennsylvania:

In 2006 myself and two of my students were standing outside of my karate school. My school was located on route 119 . . . In Southwest Greensburg PA. This is by no means a rural area.

I noticed a large black bird in the sky. . . . I observed it for about two minutes as it flew towards us very slowly (it seemed slow) until it was maybe another 50 feet away from the tree line . . .  Being that far up the “birds” body still appeared to be much larger than my 100 pound dog (wider and longer).

I called my students attention to it and they were both instantly mesmerized. The wing span appeared to be at least six feet . . . you could clearly make out a long “horn” or “cone” type protrusion coming out of the back of its skull, which was at the end of an elongated neck . . .

This “bird” also seemed to have a long tail . . . As it was almost directly over us we all agreed we couldn’t see feathers anywhere and my student Carrie said “It looks like pterodactyl . . .  doesn’t it?”

 It flew over top us and landed in the water behind the school. It was like city run off or whatever and was in a concrete ravine about 15 feet deep [the water itself is shallow] . . .

We could here it splashing around, and Carrie ran around the building to see it. There are always ducks in that water as well as rats and other things. When she came back . . . she said it had taken off, Carrie said it was in the water splashing and eating or grabbing something in its mouth.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bow-Nessie seen and photographed?

Mystery photo of 'English Loch Ness Monster' taken in Bowness
A MYSTERIOUS 'monster' - dubbed Bow-nessie - appears to have been caught on camera for the first time.
A shape claimed to be a giant beast — said to be up to 50ft long — was spotted emerging from the depths of Lake Windermere near Bowness in Cumbria, last week.  In the grainy picture, which is eerily reminiscent of classic snaps of the famous Loch Ness Monster, an animal's humped back seems to be visible.  Enormous ripples can be seen in its wake as the dark shape passes in front of foliage growing from the misty lake.  But can it really be the beast of legend?  Kayakers Tom Pickles, 24, and Sarah Harrington, 23, who took the picture, told today how they were left "petrified" and quickly paddled to the safety of the shore after encountering the monster.  IT graduate Tom said: "At a distance I thought it was some sort of large dog then I realised just how long it was. There was no way a dog would be out that far in any case." Each hump moved in a rippling movement and it appeared to have a huge shadow around it suggesting it was much bigger underwater. "Its skin was like a seal's but its shape was completely abnormal. We watched for about twenty seconds before it plunged out of sight."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Loch Tay Monster

Loch Tay is a freshwater loch in the central highlands of Scotland, in the district of Perthshire.  It is a long narrow loch of around 14 miles (23 km) long, and typically around 1 to 1½ miles wide, following the line of the valley from the south west to north east.  It is the sixth largest loch in Scotland by area, and it is over 150 metres (490 ft) deep at its deepest.

Supposedly, in Loch Tay there dwells a monster; the Loch Tay Monster.

A man, Cody Duncan, accidentally photographed the apparent head and neck of the Loch Tay Monster.  He put this on his blog: "I was doing some editing and saw this weird looking thing. Object enlarged to 300%. Nothing appears in the photo I took 25 seconds before. Perhaps Nessie has a cousin?"

The photograph, apparently taken in 2007, shows a black, periscope-like head and neck. 

The photo is most interesting and I would highly recommend that you take a look at it for yourself.  You can find the photo of the Loch Tay Monster on Cody Duncan's blog: