Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sea Serpents and a Dragon

Some reports from the 1600's of a dragon and sea serpents:
St. Lawrence River Monster: In 1609, Samuel de Champlain saw a serpent which he detailed as "a 20-foot serpent, with a horse-shaped head and body as thick as a keg".  He witnessed this creature on the St. Lawrence River near Montreal.1
Dragon: In 1619, while visiting Lucerne, Switzerland, Christopher Shores reported seeing a giant winged dragon that had a long neck and tail, and large jaws.2
Gloucester Sea Serpent: In 1638, John Josselyn reported, “They told me of a sea serpent, or snake, that lay quoiled up like a cable upon the rock at Cape Ann; a boat passing by with English on board, and two Indians, they would have shot the serpent, but the Indians dissuaded them, saying that if he were not killed outright, they would all be in danger of their lives...”3
Gloucester Sea Serpent: In 1641, Obadiah Turner reported the following off Lynn, Massachusetts: “Some being on ye great beache gathering of calms and seaweed which had been cast thereon by ye mightier storm did spy a most wonderful serpent a shorter way off from ye shore. He was big round in ye thickest part as a wine pipe; and they do affirm that he was fifteen fathoms [90 feet] or more in length. A most wonderful tale. But ye witnesses be credible, and it would be of no account to them to tell an untrue tale. Wee have likewise heard yt Cape Ann ye people have seene a monster like unto this, which did there come out of ye land much to ye terror of them yt did see him.”4

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