Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Urufere

Missionary Vaughn Goff told me about a few reports of a giant lizard in the Amazon jungle in South America.  The native Waiwai Indians call it "Urufere".  If the Indians know there is a certain place where the Urufere lives, they will stay 10 miles away from that place. 

The Urufere is about 30 feet long, 5 feet high, and it has big teeth.  It will eat pigs, deer, and even humans.  The Urufere also makes a loud booming sound, like a cannon, to paralyze its prey.  It is usually seen during the day, not the night. 

Occasionally natives "run into an Urufere".  Here are some reported sightings that missionary Vaughn Goff told me of the Urufere.

A native man climbed up a tree to get some fruit.  Then, an Urufere came under the tree where the native was, and started making its booming sound.  So the native, who was getting quite "dizzy", used a vine to tie himself to the tree that he was on.  I believe that this Urufere went away, and that the native lived.

Another time, a native was hunting using a bow and arrow.  While hunting, he heard something coming through the bushes.  He thought it was a tabor (I might be spelling that wrong).  (The tabor is like a rhinoceros, and is also like a cow.)  The native hid behind a tree so that he would be able to kill it with his bow and arrow.  After killing it, he would then eat it.  But, to his shock and horror, it was no tabor, it was an Urufere.  The terrified native stayed hidden behind the tree.  The Urufere was about 15 feet away from the native; need less to say, the native was able to get a splendid view of this Urufere.

When the native got back to his village, he had "lost his voice".  He was so shocked by what he had seen, that he just could not say anything.  When he finally did get his voice back, he told the other natives in his village about what he had seen.

In 1986, the native told missionary Vaughn Goff about this "creature" he had seen.  The native's sighting was not in 1986, but sometime before then.

The Urufere that this particular native saw had big teeth, it was red, and it also possessed some other colors.

In 2006(?), an Urufere was killed by a native who was hunting using a shotgun.  The native was chasing a pig, when out of the bushes jumped an Urufere.  The Urufere grabbed the pig in it's mouth.  The native, terrified, aimed at the head and shot the Urufere.  He (the native) then immediately turned and ran.  A week later an Indian tribe found the Urufere.  It was dead, with the pig still in its mouth.  It had been picked a part pretty badly by the buzzards.

Missionary Vaughn Goff's wife's great uncle went with some Indians to go preach the Gospel to some other Indians.  When it was about 11:00 at night, they heard the booming sound from the Urufere.  They immediately put out the fire and held hands and prayed.  They were praying that this Urufere would not kill them, but, they prayed that if it was their time to go to home, to Heaven, then so be it.  The Urufere continued to get closer, until it was about 10 to 15 feet away from them.  They prayed that it would go, and right as they said that, the Urufere turned around, and went away!  Praise God!

In the morning of the next day, they went to where they had heard the Urufere, and saw big footprints, and signs that it was dragging it's tail. 
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