Friday, December 31, 2010

1957 Manipogo sighting

Louis Belcher saw Manipogo when he was about 18.

Louis Belcher said, "There was a sand bar just out that direction but it has all grown back into some weeds. This was probably in 1957.  My Dad sent me with a half-ton truck to pick up some [weeds], well I was hauling more than one load, hauling gravel to put in front of the garage because there were a lot of rough bumps in there.  So, I was hauling gravel.  We had a hired man named Eddie Nipanik, and we were down there shoveling away.  We put in a half truck load because it was pretty heavy gravel, and all of a sudden one of [us] happened to look towards the lake and we saw an object coming in the water, coming about, oh, three, four hundred yards, and it looked like a bunch of ducks.  But, they were all in line so we said, well that looks funny for ducks.  It kept coming this way.  We just quit shoveling right away and we started looking and kept on looking.  It kept coming closer and it kept coming a little bit on the angle.  I don't know if it could hear us or what, but then it got pretty close.  As it got closer to us, within about 100 yards in the water, it lifted its head right out of the water about four feet and it had a head something, oh I would say just about like a horse.  It was hard to explain it.  The head was fairly long and it just lifted out and slapped the water again and did that a couple of times."


Also, scroll down to the bottom of this page (below) to see Louis Belcher's sketch of what he saw:

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