Saturday, October 23, 2010

Photos: Genuine or Fraud?

It was February, 1976, when a lady known only as "Mary F.", took two interesting photos, or did she?  That February day was a day like no other, or was it?  The photos taken by Mary F. are photos like no others, or are they? 

The two photos, shown on the right, are the two that were supposedly taken by Mary F.  The photos are supposedly showing Morgawr, the cryptid of Falmouth Bay, Cornwall, England.  Morgawr means "sea giant" in Cornish.
Here's the story: A woman known only as "Mary F." claimed to have sighted Morgawr in February, 1976, and she was able to take two photographs.  She submitted the photos anonymously to the local newspaper, the Falmouth Packet, which published them on its front page on March 5, 1976.  Mary F. included a note containing the following description of what she had seen:

"It looked like an elephant waving its trunk, but the trunk was a long neck with a small head on the end, like a snake's head.  It had humps on the back which moved in a funny way.  The color was black or very dark brown, and the skin seemed to be like a sea lion's... the animal frightened me.  I would not like to see it any closer.  I do not like the way it moved when swimming."

She also indicated that the creature was about 15-18 feet long, and that it was visible only for a few seconds. She apologized for the poor quality of her photography, writing that, "The pictures are not very clear because of the sun shining right into the camera and a haze on the water.  Also I took them very quickly indeed."

Here are the reasons why these photos could be frauds:

1) These photos have nothing to compare the creature's size with except for how high it is out of the water.

2) Mary F. said that, "The pictures are not very clear because of the sun shining right into the camera and a haze on the water.  Also I took them very quickly indeed."  The photos seem quite clear, and appear like they were not taken very quickly at all.

3) How did she get a close-up on the creature?

4) Neither Mary F. or the negatives have ever been traced.  Source:

Points like these, and others, appear to show that the photographs are frauds, but let us look at some reasons on why these photos could be genuine.

1) It could be that the photos are close-ups because she got close, and that is why she was frightened.

2) There seems to be some water that is being upset by the creature, but not too much considering how big the creature appears to be.

3) The creature does appear to have moved forward in the second shot.

4) Noted mystery writers and photographers Janet and Colin Bord have examined first-generation copy prints, and "feel that these photographs could well be genuine." 

I do not know if these photos are genuine or fraud; please share your thoughts.

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