Friday, October 29, 2010

Does a T-Rex lurk in Australia's outback?

Is there a living T-Rex in Australia?  Reports seem to indicate that this may very well be the case. The Burrunjor is said to have two short, almost useless upper arms, sturdy back legs, a long tail, and strong jaws with serrated teeth.  And need I say, an attitude!  It is said to be bipedal , about 20-30 feet tall ( 6-10 metres)! 

The Burrunjor lives in Arnhem Land, Australia.

In 1922, north of Cloncurry, stock men saw a "big lizard monster" that was bipedal and moved its tail from side to side when walking.

In 1950, in the Burketown region, two reptile tracks were sighted by ranchers.

Back in 1950, cattlemen lost stock to some mysterious beast that left the mutilated, half-eaten remains of cows and bulls in its wake over a wide area, stretching between the border country and Burketown.  At first the cattlemen suspected crocodiles, but, Charles Waterman, a cattleman, described a "fearsome", mottled 20 foot tall beast carrying a cow in its jaws that bounded out of sight as he hid behind a bush.

Searchers on horseback found huge reptilian tracks of some bipedal-walking beast.  They followed these three-toed tracks with their cattle dogs through some rough jungle terrain until they entered swampland beyond which was more dense scrub.

However, it was at this point that the cattle dogs became uneasy and ran off.  The horses were also uneasy and obviously did not want to cross the swamp.  While most of the cattlemen decided their animals knew best, two men set off on foot with their carbines.

The story goes that they soon came across further tracks in an open area beyond the swamp.  While his mate searched about, the other man briefly spotted the dark form of an enormous creature, perhaps 30 ft. in height, further off in dense timber.  The men left the scene in haste.

In 1950, Jack Peckham, a buffalo shooter, spots some 38 cm footprints of a three toed bipedal animal in Arnhem Land.

In 1957, near the McArthur river in Northern Territory fifty cattle began to panic.  The ranchers were perplexed, especially when one of their team ran screaming into a nearby river for relative safety.  Just like the Urupunji incident a loud grunting and snorting noise was heard.  Witnesses viewed the silhouette of a tall monster fleeing into a nearby scrub land and daybreak revealed several mutilated cattle, some half eaten.

In 1960, three toed tracks are found near Alice Springs and Mount Isa.

Johnny Mathews, a part-Aboriginal tracker, claimed to have seen a 25ft. tall bipedal reptilian monster, moving through scrub near Lagoon Creek on the Gulf coast one day in 1961. “Hardly anyone outside my own people believes my story, but I known what I saw”, he said to Rex Gilroy in 1970.

In 1961, north of Mount Isa, kangaroo hunters spot a bipedal reptile eight meters (about 26 feet) tall during a dust storm.

In 1970, near Floraville, Jack and Jane Mulholland spotted a "20 foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex like monster with a mottled skin coloration".

In 1977, at Normanton district, an Aboriginal couple ran into a grey skinned Burrunjor that resembled a Tyrannosaurus, feeding on a bullock.

In 1978, a Northern Territory bushman and explorer, Bryan Clark, related a story of his own that had taken place some years before.  While mustering cattle in the Urapunji area, he became lost in the remote wilderness of that part of Arnhem Land.  It took him three days to find his way out of the region and back to the homestead from where he originally set out.

He had not known at the time, but his footprints had been picked up and followed by two Aboriginal trackers and a mounted policeman.  On the first night of their search they camped on the outskirts of the Burrunjor scrub, even though the two trackers protested strongly against doing so.  The policeman hobbled his horse, cooked their meal, then climbed into his swag and went to sleep.

Later that night the two Aborigines shouting intelligibly and grasping for their packs and saddles suddenly woke him up.  The policeman also realized at this moment that the ground appeared to be shaking.  Hurriedly getting to his feet, he too gathered up his belongings, and shortly afterwards, the three galloped away.  As he told Bryan Clark later at the Urapunji homestead, he had also heard a sound, somewhat like a loud puffing or grunting noise, certainly loud enough to be coming from some large animal.
When asked if he intended to include this incident in his report, he replied he would not because he feared no one would believe him.

The policeman warned Bryan never again to return to that area, because if he got lost there again he’d be “on his own”, as he would not come looking for him!

In 1979, north of Burketown, Aborigional fishermen spotted three toed footprints.

In 1980, at the Kamuna district, Max Field found a trackway of 50 footprints.  The inner toe (37 cm) is longer than the outer ones (10 cm) as in dinosaurs.

In 1982, east of Arnhem Land, a human sized bipedal reptile was sighted.

In 1982, an interview with bushman Allan Richie, who roams remote far northern areas of Australia, revealed that he found, "Aborigines terrified of these animals.........There is one region..... beyond which no horse will go willingly-nor will most Aborigines.  Horrific sounds are heard....and the crashing of foliage in the jungle as the monsters move about."

In 1982, the Burrunjor was sighted in east Arnhem Land.  It was said to be blackish/brown colored. 

In June of 1984, Rex Gilroy found some three-toed footprints outside of Narooma NSW.

In 1985, a 4-wheel drive vehicle and it's family of travellers, the Askeys, heading for Roper River Mission, happened to take a back road for some sightseeing.  Just before they were to pull up and turn around to resume their journey to the mission, they all saw, moving together across an open plain some distance away, two bipedal-walking reptilian creatures a good 20ft. tall respectively.
“The monsters were a greyish-brown color, and dinosaur-like in appearance.  We didn’t wait around,” said the father, Mr. Greg Askey.

While it's possible that it's a T-Rex, it also could be an Allosaurus, but one things for sure, this is a real dinosaur.



  1. Hey, interesting article. I would love to have you on my podcast show April 9th talking about Dinosaurs in Australia. Message me for more info if you are interested.

  2. id sure love to go and see these dinosaurs with my own eyes.

  3. There are places all over the world that tell of strange creatures or happenings some more believable than others.
    But with so many sightings starting in the 1920s and all the way into the 1980s one might just think there’s a bit of truth to this.
    But what if, just what if there’s a modern version of T-Rex living in the outback?
    Most of which to this day is still unexplored....

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