Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Cryptozoology Book!

A good friend of mine, Jonathan David Whitcomb, has recently had the second edition of his book, Live Pterosaurs in America, published!

He wrote a little bit about me in his book; it was very kind of him to do so!

Below is an excerpt from his book; the part where he mentions me:

"A sighting in Missouri was reported to me by a researcher asking advice on how to interview the eyewitness.  I suggested questions, he added some of his own; I was thus only indirectly involved with interviewing BG.  We are indebted to this new researcher, Peter Theiss; thank you, Peter." 

Editorial Reviews

Product Description

Live "pterodactyls?" In the United States? Many scientists have long assumed all pterosaurs died millions of years ago. Now take a whirlwind tour of many years of investigations in cryptozoology, and prepare for a shock: At least two pterosaur species have survived, uncommon, not so much rare as widely and thinly distributed.

Nocturnal pterosaurs have always lived among us, but hidden by something. Enter now the realm of a new branch of cryptozoology, a branch overshadowed by the dogma of a "universal extinction." How did scientists miss living pterosaurs? Get the answers here, hidden secrets about how these amazing flying creatures of the night have gone mostly unreported: Until recently, almost nobody would listen to eyewitnesses; but for the past seven years many of them have been interviewed by the author of this book.

Many modern pterosaurs are much larger than any bat, many with long tails, many with head crests. What about news headlines? How did these creatures avoid media attention? Get the answers from years of work by American cryptozoologists. The old "fruit bat" explanation for reports of pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea--that bat idea has now been shot down; the tail length of the larger creatures has been estimated at a minimum of ten feet and a maximum of over twenty feet.

More shocking, these giant long-tailed flying creatures are not confined to the southwest Pacific: They are seen in the contiguous United States of America. Most pterosaurs in North America, however, are smaller, with many wingspan estimates at less than fifteen feet; nevertheless, how shocking! What amazing encounters! In California, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and many other states, eyewitnesses have seen strange featherless creatures flying overhead. These are not bats; most have long tails and are bigger than any bat.

Dive into eyewitness testimonies; compare sightings through the author's detailed analysis. Expanded second edition, nonfiction.

From the Back Cover

The Truth About Pterosaurs:

Susan Wooten was driving east on Highway 20, towards Florence, South Carolina, when something flew just above and in front of her car. With a long tail but no feathers, "it looked as big as any car."

Scott Norman did not believe he would see a living pterosaur, as he sat alone, taking his turn watching the night sky. A bird is what his friends had probably seen. But at 2:00 a.m., less than forty feet away, what flew over the shed was no bird. The head alone was about four feet long; the head crest, two feet long, like that of a Pteranodon.

Americans, for years, have reported obvious living pterosaurs, with sightings in Washington state, California, New Mexico, Texas, Ohio, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Virginia, Kansas, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Missouri.

Discover for yourself these amazing yet true stories and why they are usually absent from news headlines. Learn of the searches and research done by a few American cryptozoologists who stand up to ridicule and proclaim the truth. At least two pterosaur species (quite uncommon, mostly nocturnal) still live in North America.
The product details, as given to me by Jonathan David Whitcomb, are as follows:
Publication Date: Nov 20 2010
ISBN/EAN13: 1456341359 / 9781456341350
Page Count: 146
Language: English
Related Categories: Nature/Wildlife
SRP: $13.65
You can purchase Jonathan David Whitcomb's second edition of Live Pterosaurs in America from these websites:

Directly from the publisher (Createspace.com) (helps fund more research):

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  1. The third edition of my book has now been published. Of course Peter Theiss is still there. The new edition has a wonderful sighting added: Patty Carson, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, 1965.