Thursday, November 4, 2010

Living Dinosaur Roar

In 1981, American engineer Herman Regusters led his own expedition in search of Mokele-mbembe.  He returned with a sound recording of a "low windy roar [that] increased to a deep throated trumpeting growl", which Herman Regusters believed to be the Mokele-mbembe's call. 

Herman Regusters' conclusions about this tape were later contradicted by Dr. Roy Mackal, who asserted that the Mokele-mbembe did not have a vocal call.  Dr. Roy Mackal asserts that vocalizations are more correctly associated with the Emela-ntouka.
Here is the link to Herman Regusters sound recording:

It is very intresting. 

Is it Mokele-mbembe, or is it the Emela-ntouka?

While Mokele-mbembe is a dinosaur, Emela-ntouka may or may not be.  Nevertheless, the sound recording seems to be of a dinosaur.

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